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Junior Golf

Youth Program

junior puttingKids will learn about golf fundamentals such as stance, grip, pitching, chipping, putting, and swinging from professional golf staff at Deerpath Golf Course. Participants will also learn golf safety, etiquette, and discipline. Youth interested in being part of this great junior golf program can registar online here, mail, or visit the Deerpath Golf Course at 500 West Deerpath Rd. If you have questions, please contact the golf shop at 847.810.3888.

For more details on lessons, cost and dates, please call the golf shop or view the current Deerpath Youth programs here.

Junior Golf Seasonal Memberships
Deerpath welcomes junior golfers ages 9 - 18 years old. This membership is a great opportunity for junior golfers to develop their skills and meet other golfers their age. Play is allowed any time after 1:30 p.m. Good golf etiquette will be stressed.

Junior Golf Etiquette
Golf is a fabulous game to teach young people the values of honesty, respect and responsibility. The Junior Golfer's Creed provides a framework for juniors to learn their relationship to the game, their conduct on the course and respect for themselves and others.

junior tee off

The Deerpath Junior Golfer's Pledge

Golf is a wonderful game. As a Junior Golfer, I will RESPECT and be good to the game of golf. I will learn the rules of golf, follow the rules of the course and take responsibility for all my actions on the course.

I will abide by the rules of etiquette, awaiting the proper time to hit, refraining from foul language and boisterous behavior, and generally conducting myself as a young lady or young gentleman on the course.

I will keep up with the group ahead and maintain an appropriate pace of play.

I will strive to leave the course in better condition than I find it, by fixing my ball marks (and those of others), replacing my divots, raking bunkers, and properly disposing of trash.

I will learn and embrace the rules and traditions of this ancient and honorable game, and respect my fellow golfers and the courses we are privileged to play.