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Adult DiscoverGolf

DiscoverGolf represents a radical shift in both the way golf is presented, but also how it is managed from the learner's prospective.

Amongst our core values is the belief that the very measures of assessment that have been traditionally used to evaluate learning are fundamentally flowed. Dogmatic coaching preferences on grips, static alignments, and 2D appropriations of movement are of little significance as it pertains to your desired golfing outcomes. Aspiring to satisfy "paper theory " ideals is a tail chasing hazard and a drain on your motivation to autonomously search for solutions. It is only you, the emerging expert, that can conceptualize and embody the skills needed to navigate the myriad challenges of the game.

Our human-centric approach is most interested in helping you find a dimension of the game that speaks most authentically to you. Cultivation of a singular interest is often the keyhole into a deeper and more enriching "practice."

Our players experience a coaching ethos that is imbued with the power of gameful thinking. As you progress through the game that is DiscoverGolf you will be empowered with coach and peer content that serves to illustrate interesting environmental obstacles during the course of play. This is where true learning takes place; amongst a robust community of improvement seekers in the same context where the game is played!

Our most sacred coaching truth is the notion that play, above all else, paves the road to mastery. We encourage every one of our students to refocus the lens through which they see golf and begin to re-imagine the journey as a culmination of self- directed action and deeply personal triumphs.

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